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Scenes Snippets & Stories

This is where I’ll put up the first chapters of each book and teaser chapters for works in progress. I’ll also include¬†scenes that didn’t make it into the final cut, or scenes that happened off-screen but affected the story and so might be of interest.

I like my stories with a healthy dose of spoilers. Yes, I’m the one person Wiki-ing the ending of a movie as we start watching it if the suspense becomes too much for me. As an example of just how low my tolerance is: I totally looked up the ending of Corpse Bride. Don’t judge.

However, I realize that not everyone shares my little idiosyncrasy, so I’ll make sure to label the spoilerific scenes and give an idea of where the scene falls chronologically.

Short stories and flash fiction will also make their way here, so check back!

Flash Fiction: The Sacrifice

I don’t usually do flash fiction. I’ve always tended more toward longer story formats. Even this isn’t strictly flash fiction since it’s over a thousand words. *laughs* Anyway, Chuck Wendig’s site had a flash fiction prompt where you picked one of several first lines. Of course, being me, I read through them all, and a story coalesced in my mind from three of the first lines. You could say I did it wrong, but I really enjoy what came of it. And unlike many other things I’ve done, it feels complete to me, which is a rarity for something this short.