Of Tigers and Feathers – Day 4

Or of gifts and burdens.

I was at my godmother’s yesterday and somehow the conversation turned to that of an outstanding young man: tall, comes from a good family (whatever that means), handsome, in a promising job, etc etc.

I wasn’t really paying attention until my cousin interjected, “Oooh, we should try to introduce him to Yingcheng (me).”

I blinked.

Two guesses as to the purposes of introducing a nice guy to me.

Turned out the dude was married already. Bummer. /irony

I’ve been fiddling with the idea of doing this journey in a daily update format, after reading someone’s scathing remark about people who aren’t alcoholics talking about day x of being sober and it being hard, but that sentence sort of clinched it.

How easy would it be to just succumb? Accept without thinking the concept that I need a man, that I in fact require a man to make my life good and worth living (read: babies), that my happily ever after doesn’t rest upon my shoulders?

Too, too easy.

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