Compartmentalization: self-medication or self-drugging?

I like compartmentalization. I adore it, in fact.

I have at least three Twitter accounts and I’m thinking about creating another one just so I can rant about my life without my friends knowing it’s me.

Now, the question is why?

Having an author twitter makes sense — theoretically it would be for updates, news about book releases, with just enough personality to keep things interesting.

Having a personal twitter for my friends makes sense too – those nsfw comments and pictures have to go somewhere after all.

So why a third? A fourth? Why does my brain feel this is necessary?

In the end, is it about sensibility, about keeping parts of your life separate for clarity’s sake, for everyone else’s convenience, or is it about safety?

Every sentence I say, every action I perform – how many of those come out completely without artifice? Even if it’s as benign as tact, as sensible as not making an off-color joke in front of authority… isn’t it, in the end, about keeping yourself safe from consequences?

I’m not saying that’s bad. It’s just good policy and …well, sensible.

But where is the line between being sensible and penning yourself up in far too many identities to keep yourself safe from other people’s judgement and possible disdain?

I don’t know, but I’m ready to start taking down the walls. If I end up letting in the ravening hordes, at least I’ll die a more complete person.

In that spirit, this blog is about to get huge influx of posts from my old blog and I’ll probably be somewhat less circumspect in future posts.

Throw open the doors. Let the rain and wind come.


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