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Of Tigers and Feathers – Day 54

Yesterday, I spoke of tethers.
Today, someone suggested that I meditate to bring myself to the choices that I am considering.
So why not?

Let’s talk terms of service, shall we?

As I said to Jack, I am looking for the emperor who will treat me like an empress. Wanda laughed when I mentioned this to her the other week and said, “Yes, there are those who stand above princesses and queens, but an empress need bow to no one’s rule but her own and none will be placed before her.”

Tethers. Mutual tethers.

If you scream fire, I will stop, drop, and roll. I need you to do the same in order to tether to you.
I’ve looked within myself and I am made of glittering obsidian mirrors. There can be ease here, but only if you are serene within your own skin.
I can be content to drift and wander on my own, but I see those I am tethered to in every blossom, every sweep of the wind, and I would bring back the scent and spice of my travels to share. I need you to see me as well. I need you to carry me in your heart while you are away, the same way you are a sweet ache within mine.

I need someone who knows what they want, who will act upon that desire, and who is clear about their needs.
Be an emperor. Rule with tender mercy. Conquer with accepting wisdom. Judge with passionate truth.
It’s fine if I’m not what you want. It’s perfectly all right if what I offer isn’t what you need. What’s not acceptable is the refusal to figure it out.
I promise to be honest, to always strive for clarity in what I need and what I want. I need you to do the same.

The Aquarian horoscope for this month suggests that I let go of lists and lighten up about love, to go with the flow.
So I shall, because why not to fun and games? Playing can just be playing. I am a cat, after all.
But I am who I am, fangirl of Hades and all – I can only stray so far from my roots. Know yourself, know your enemy, and go on to veni, vidi, vici. In this case, as always, the enemy is fear. I do not need lists, but I do need a sharp knife to defend my line.
Now I know my boundaries. Now I make my prayers to Saturnus, god of time, master of karma. Now shall we open the fifth palace and dance.