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Of Tigers and Feathers – Day 11

Last few days were a doozy. Lots of sleeping. Lots of trying to get the brain online and falling short of action potential.

But I’m still on the consciously single train. Even though I suspect I’m ovulating. (read: cuddles, snuggles, and someone to do it with sounds really good about now)

Yesterday, my cousin showed me a picture of a girl he wants to introduce my brother to. She looked sweet and pretty enough, but what was fascinating was the conversation that sprung up around the showing of this picture. A conversation that involved neither my brother or the girl in question, by the way.

Makes one wonder what sort of things get talked about when I’m not in the room.

Cousin: This girl, doesn’t she look sweet and pretty? Just K’s type. She’s also the right height – I checked, slightly shorter but not short enough so that they’ll make short babies. She’s not quite as busty as his usual type is, but that’s okay because she’s so great in all other areas. She’s got her childcare license, and her parents bought her a place so she’s running a daycare out of it. So that means she’s patient, likes kids, and she comes from a good background where her parents can afford to buy her a house. What do you guys think?

…romance isn’t dead, guys. /sarcasm