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Of Tigers and Feathers – Day 3

The husband thing came up again.

At this rate, this journal-memoir thing is going to write itself.

What was interesting was how it came up.

I was talking with a friend of my godmother’s. Let’s call her Fanny.

Somehow, we had come upon the topic of salaries versus real estate prices in Taiwan. The average entry level salary is about 25k NT (about $757 USD)per month, and the real estate prices here mean that the average household could go save their entire income for decades before being able to afford a home. To put this into perspective, the income to housing price ratio in New York is about 6.1, and that of Taipei is 15.

I said something about it being incredibly unfair, that it deserved revolution, and that it was insanity itself.

Fanny responded with: “Your generation is spoiled rotten. Just live at home with your parents like everyone else does until you can afford your own home.”

I was almost rendered speechless.

A bit of back and forth later, she admitted that it was unfair, but that I should simply worry about “keeping my eyes bright” and landing a good husband in order to skip over the insanity.