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When it appears that I really do need a big bludgeon to the head…

Thank you, as always, to Thene for providing prompts when needed. Thene has a new niece, Sylvianne, and of course, first thing she does is pull up a natal chart.

Of course.

That’d be the first thing I’d do too. It’s why I asked the birth time.

By the way? Calling it that the girl is going to get called silly-anne at some point. It’s a lovely name and I interpret it as meaning grace from the forest since Sylvia means from the woods and Anne means grace. And well, if silly-anne is the worst that she can get called, that’s not too bad. Unlike Raquel, whose brother went “Raquel you smell” upon being told that was her name. After her mother went to great lengths to find something that kids couldn’t make fun of…


Natal charts. Numerology. Her showing me Sylvianne’s birth chart prompted me to look at mine and I fell headfirst into quackery again.

Apparently 2015 is a 7 year for me, which means “take time off and fucking rest”. And, get this:

“The 7 year can be a year of secrets and deceptions. Affairs with married people are common in 7 personal years. Be cautious this year who you are attracted to and get involved with.”

This is where I headdesk a couple million times, right?

Thank you, universe. It’s December though, so we can move right along, right?

Seriously, though. If I’d known it was a rest year, I would have just been all “okay, sure” and given up on getting anything done.

*rolls eyes*

Nothing got done this year. Nothing. It was pretty much “boink around and feel sick” year.

Next year is an 8 year, which, no lie, I’m looking forward to. Although, that 8 personal year (power! execution! burn baby burn!) combined with an 6 essence year (home, family, domesticity) is going to be interesting.

I have had at least two people tell me that if I’m going to get married, the time is next year, so we’ll see. It’ll be very very interesting to see how that plays out.

But the numerology stuff is really not the big bludgeon to the head.

I finally found out what the point of the North Node was and I can’t believe it took me so. damn. long to get around to looking it up. Darn you past self! You claimed to be so curious, but you never bothered to look into this!

Apparently the North Node is the lesson that you’re here to learn in his lifetime. The South Node is your past and what you need to move away from.

So. Get this.

My South Node is Scorpio:

“The SN in Scorpio is primed for disaster even if the passage of years diminishes the occurrences of these catastrophes. There is an excessive attachment to pain and crisis and a heightened emergency preparedness that now merely drain her energy. The fires of hell have been Home Sweet Home and agony-ecstasy the customary state of being. She is so habituated to growth through suffering, that when peace arrives, she stays tense and frightened, anticipating the return of pain, and fearing stagnation and boredom. The extremes of visceral sensation have been so intrinsic to her vitality that she misses the median where the cultivation of simple pleasures in an earthly garden awaits. ”

- JM from Raging Universe (read the entire post; pretty worth clicking)

*headdesk another ten million times*

And this, in tendencies of my South Node I should really fucking leave behind:

  • Attraction to crisis situations
  • Over Concern with other people’s business
  • Impatience
  • Inappropriate intensity
  • Judgmental tendencies
  • Preoccupation with the psychological motivations of others
  • Resistance to cooperating with what others want
  • Overreacting
  • Destroying something in order to eliminate one part
  • Obsessive-compulsive tendencies

Oh wait, is any of that me? Try all of the fucking above.

North Node in Taurus:


Learn to use your powers wisely; yes, sometimes that means not at all. Lie back and let the sun warm you, the earth’s bounty is yours and you only have to reach out. Work hard; play harder. Trust in yourself.

But above all…


I might be wee bit frustrated that it only took me 29 or so years to get to this realization. The signs were all there; I just wasn’t smart enough to pick up on it. I’ve only gone over my natal chart a handful of times in the past, all the time focusing on where Venus was and where Mercury was and so forth and completely missing the tiny little footnote in the corner.

I have Cancer rising and my moon in Taurus.

That translates to “home and hearth and financial security are where it’s at”. In numerology, my expression number tells me that my goal is a happy home life. My soul urge number tells me that my happiness stems from financial freedom. My inner dreams number tells me that I dream of spending my life in the pursuit of knowledge/learning and I have a secret wish to be a teacher/mystic.

…add everything up and it all points to: Your entire being just wants to recline in comfort and be fed grapes grown from your own labor by the pretty men you hired for the job. Stop stirring the pot and sit the fuck down.

Okay. Fine. It only took me until my Saturn return to figure this out.

I guess that’s fine too.

So now I guess I’m off to embrace my sensual side, grow myself some grapes, become self-sustainable through work I’m going to charge for, make wine, and hire myself some sexy men to man the fans and peel the grapes.

P.S: Complete hysterical aside: apparently women with Cancer rising are known for having nice tits? Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.