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And now for something different…

It’s interesting, to be without my own income for the first time since I was eighteen.

So it’s been about, what, three months since I came back to Taiwan? Which, since I used “back” again, I probably really should try to unpack that a bit at some point. I keep being surprised by it, but it keeps slipping out anyway, so maybe I really should think harder on it.

So since I don’t really have “income” right now, just a sort of allowance/stipend thing, I figure it’s a good chance to get on that hyper-focus on budgeting thing. Or, you know, it’s another way to procrastinate, I don’t know. Probably the latter, to be honest, but on the other hand, I really do need to be putting all of my expenditures under a magnifying glass at the moment. Or at least, the trend of spending if nothing else.

I do have some money put away, but I really don’t want to drain it unless I really have to.

So, starting from July…



To clarify, my parents are still paying me $100/month to deal with their rental property and my mom has very graciously decided to pay my Doctors Without Borders monthly donation. That means I have about $100 of my own money that I’m pulling per month for non-negotiable stuff like clothing, books, and business expenses. Theoretically I’m going to try my best to not touch it, but I figure not budgeting for it is a stupid idea.

So, July is not all that pretty.

I went way overboard on the books. Not surprising considering that I was stressed and I tend to binge read when I’m depressed, but not good either. At least it was low triple digits…

Entertainment isn’t looking too hot either, but the reason for that is because I had to replace my Kindle after it got lifted from my pocket in Sweden. Yeah. “Had to”. I know.

I spent $95 on a five book cover credit, which I think was a steal but that did put me over budget.

In all, not terrible, asides from the book binging. I’m trying to figure out how to cut down on it and I usually have varying stages of luck. Sometimes going completely cold turkey and not looking at anything that isn’t free works, but sometimes it doesn’t on really dark days, especially if KU is being particularly slushy.

I’m wondering if forcing myself to write a book review on everything I pay for would work. On the other hand, I usually start paying for books when I’m too depressed to roust myself out of bed, so I’m not sure how well that would go.

Ugh. Having no willpower sucks. That delayed gratification challenge? I suspect I would have failed at it… On the other hand, part of the problem isn’t so much delayed gratification as I tend to just fwomp when I can’t see that things will get better if I delay my gratification. It’s not like I’m going to get more money if I hold off on buying more books if I technically have the money in the bank.

Well, in terms of interest, maybe, if I saved the money and bought stocks with it. Maybe that’s the ticket – every time I hold off on buying a book, I transfer the money into an account I then funnel into my stocks.