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5wits adventure — Espionage and 2000 Leagues

Circumstances brought us to 5wits adventures yesterday. In a nutshell, it’s kind of like live-action role-playing where you play through a plot in fairly realistic settings and puzzle-solve your way to the end.

What was awesome:

The settings were amazing! Truly — they were very atmospheric, especially the ones for 2000 Leagues. Most of my fun was had wandering through, looking at all the little details that they put in. The rooms even smelled like what they were supposed to, which I found interesting. There was a mainframe room that definitely smelled like all the server rooms I’d been into and the Nautilus had a distinct scent of water, metal, and just a bit of musty old stuff. The special effects were also a lot of fun and were pretty impressive in how they made it more realistic.

The good:

I liked the guides. They played it up just enough to be fun and entertaining, not cheesy.

The bad:

Group sizes of 15 as a limit is way too high in my opinion. There weren’t really enough puzzle stations to go around and usually that means the less assertive members of the group will get left out. Even if you take turns, there’s not often enough turns to go around before the puzzle is solved and some of them really don’t lend themselves well to collaboration. — although the bomb defusing puzzle was definitely one that required collaboration and well-designed in that sense. Also, the elevator and one of the chambers of the Nautilus is fairly limited in size and our eleven was an ok fit, but I really didn’t want to think about having more people in there.

The puzzles were also fairly simplistic, which means that it’s not really something that you’d want to do more than once as an adult. I’m sure that kids would still have fun multiple times, but we might have aged out of the demographic for repeat playings.


I don’t regret going, but it’s definitely not a repeatable sort of experience. ¬†Anyone who is interested, however, should definitely go.