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Sound clip of names in Estyria

Without further ado — the names of the characters.

I’ll probably update as the story needs it, but these are the important names so far. Estyria’s parents, grandparents, and Sethalor’s names and their meanings.

I didn’t include the meanings of their last names because xuanyuan actually is the name of one of the mythological emperor/rulers in China, but it doesn’t mean much else otherwise.

Shangguan means, literally, above or top and official.

Anyang means peace and sun.

Xuanyuan Fang = Estyria’s grandfather 轩辕芳

Xuanyuan Lan = Estyria’s grandmother 轩辕兰

Xuanyuan Fengxun = Estyria 轩辕凤寻

Xuanyuan Qian = Estyria’s mother 轩辕倩

Shangguan Yunji = Estyria’s father 上官云集

Anyang Jirui = Sethalor  安阳集瑞


Estyria names I by lunikilo