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Trip to China: 6-3-2-11 ~ 7-12-2011

As a result of the potential lack of internets and the Great Freaking Firewall of China, posting might be sparser.

I was about to say ‘sparse’, but considering my last post was sometime in March, that would have been too much of an understatement.

I’m still playing around with what sort of information and how much of it I’m going to be posting in this space because it is my more-or-less official writer site and so I’m not going to treat it like I do my LJ or DW account. Cue irony quotes for that official, by the way. As such, posting is going to be sparse for a while until I figure it out.

I am playing with the idea of posting word goals or word counts or blogging about my writing everyday, but I’m not sure it’d be interesting reading for anyone — myself included. After all, it probably will go something like this:



xxxxwords; writing sucked.



xxx words; writing really sucked.



x words; writers block 100, me 0.





…and so on and so forth. I can’t see it being that different day to day and that interesting to read as a result.

Blegh. We’ll see.

Anyways! I’ll be in China and Taiwan, hopping about from place to place. At last count, we’ll be staying at a spiritual retreat, an organic experimental farm, and maybe some other places when in Taiwan alone.

Estyria I is still in the hands of C, who’s editing it, so whereas I was hoping that I’d be able to use this period of extended no-internet-time to do some hardcore writing and editing — it’s just not gonna happen.

Oh well.

I’m going to try outlining Estyria II and then pressing onwards with it anyways.

If that doesn’t work, then I might try dragging out one of my previous plot-bunnies and try flogging them instead.

I’m hoping for a solid 500 words per day on those days that I’m out and about with the family and hanging out.

For those days that we’re not doing anything special, I’m hoping that I’ll get at least 1000 words.

When nothing at all is going on, I’m really going to push for 2k words a day.

Better not waste this period when I will be forcibly detached from the internet, after all.