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Re-envisioning and thoughts.

After 30k words on Estyria II, I think I’m going to have to set it aside until C gets back to me with his edits.

Despite what he says about Estyria I needing a fine-tuning rather than a full body chop job, I’m skeptical.

See, I’m a pantser. And even though I try to edit as I write (is that a contradiction in actions?), I fully realize that the alpha draft of Estyria I contains many plot holes and many places where there will need to be much elaboration done. On the same hand, I am also cognizant of the need to cut scenes and perhaps entire chapters from the first book.

As such, I worry that if I try to write book two based on what I know of book one, I’ll be working with a shaky foundation at best. 30k words in, I admit that I might be getting in over my head as a pantser.

It’s been about 3 months since I finished Estyria I. In those three months, I haven’t really done much writing. To wit, that 30k that isn’t really going to be helpful unless the edits go through and not much has been changed. I sort of think of it as trying to build an earthquake proof house on quicksand.

It’s really perhaps time to get the whip cracking and move on until the first book has gone through revisions.

Some thoughts I have:

Cyborg versus human relationships. Or even just the role of cyborgs in general in a futuristic society. Kaitlyn O’Connor is the author that turned me onto this idea, mostly because her novels involving her cyborgs are really done well and I enjoy them immensely. I’m not sure what I would try, but I’ve been tossing around the idea of going into space for a while now. Or even, bringing space into my world. Magic versus tech, go!

Looking deeper into the story of the seventh princess. Even though I realise that it’s pretty cliche to write about the seventh daughter and play with that myth, it’s an interesting sort of YA-ish novel. I’d have to figure out how she ends up getting her kingdom back, if she gets her kingdom back, and so forth. Maybe some notes on that will be in order?

The reincarnation story I have percolating. The only problem with that is, I don’t really want to think up three or more tragic endings for a pair of lovers. Blegh. Or maybe if I don’t need to go into detail….

Re-writing Sunshine’s story and putting it up…

My mermaid story.

…or, what I really want to do right now is find a plot that will work well with the create-your-own-adventure idea that I’m finding almost absolutely irresistible right now. Sadly, the only one that really lends itself to it is Estyria, and C has pointed out that it’s perhaps not a great idea to mess with that.


The big problem is I’m really distracted because I really want to know how the darn story ends. *bangs head on keyboard*

Also, I’m trying to work in the gills and wings, but it doesn’t seem like that’s going to happen so I guess I need to just ditch the gills entirely because my mermaid heroine is going to have gills and just have someone be winged.

*bangs head some more*



Tomorrow I will write at least 100 words.

I swear it. *clenches fists*

Mima and taking control

One of my favorite authors has a new series coming out where it’s a your choose-your-own-adventure story (CYOA) of yore, except all grown up.

I used to really love those stories because I enjoyed how a shift in thought could bring about entirely different endings and how you didn’t have just one story in your hands, but many.

I’ve read Lauren, Riding off Trail, and so far I think that Mima has well harnessed (pun unintended) the power of modern e-readers to flip back and forth at will to create an interesting new take on my old favorite.

I’m undecided on whether or not I like that I never really saw anything coming. When I picked a decision, thinking that I’d be sending the plot twisting this way, I found myself careening down an entirely different path more often that not. To a certain extent, I like being surprised. But to another extent it was slightly frustrating because it poked holes at the illusion that you’re in charge rather than the author.

Oh well, now that’s out in the open, I guess I’m just feeling sulky. Never mind me then. I’m just being my usual control freakish self. I had a ton of fun even when I sat there, mouth agape, whining: “But I didn’t intend for that to happen!”

However, I did notice that a couple of the ways the story went meant that certain plot elements weren’t resolved. Although the very nature of the beast means that I could flip around and find out what I wanted to know from other plot-lines, I would have preferred if everything was eventually tidied up within the same story. Some threads went in not only entirely unexpected lines, but it almost seemed as if the original idea of her going to the ranch to settle things with Sorrel was entirely thrown out of her mind and this was very slightly frustrating. That said, I can also see how it would have been difficult to wrap that many different and disparate threads up.

If this idea takes off, I hope that Mima will write more of these DIY adventures, but perhaps with more of her trademark character development and the rich and engaging in-depth plotlines I’ve come to love from her. Lauren’s adventures were fun and engaging, but I’ve come to expect more from her as a result of her full length novels.

For her first foray into this genre, this is a solid offering. I expect that if she ventures further into this territory, they will not disappoint.

I have to admit: this is making me want to turn Estyria I into a CYOA…

Trip to China: 6-3-2-11 ~ 7-12-2011

As a result of the potential lack of internets and the Great Freaking Firewall of China, posting might be sparser.

I was about to say ‘sparse’, but considering my last post was sometime in March, that would have been too much of an understatement.

I’m still playing around with what sort of information and how much of it I’m going to be posting in this space because it is my more-or-less official writer site and so I’m not going to treat it like I do my LJ or DW account. Cue irony quotes for that official, by the way. As such, posting is going to be sparse for a while until I figure it out.

I am playing with the idea of posting word goals or word counts or blogging about my writing everyday, but I’m not sure it’d be interesting reading for anyone — myself included. After all, it probably will go something like this:



xxxxwords; writing sucked.



xxx words; writing really sucked.



x words; writers block 100, me 0.





…and so on and so forth. I can’t see it being that different day to day and that interesting to read as a result.

Blegh. We’ll see.

Anyways! I’ll be in China and Taiwan, hopping about from place to place. At last count, we’ll be staying at a spiritual retreat, an organic experimental farm, and maybe some other places when in Taiwan alone.

Estyria I is still in the hands of C, who’s editing it, so whereas I was hoping that I’d be able to use this period of extended no-internet-time to do some hardcore writing and editing — it’s just not gonna happen.

Oh well.

I’m going to try outlining Estyria II and then pressing onwards with it anyways.

If that doesn’t work, then I might try dragging out one of my previous plot-bunnies and try flogging them instead.

I’m hoping for a solid 500 words per day on those days that I’m out and about with the family and hanging out.

For those days that we’re not doing anything special, I’m hoping that I’ll get at least 1000 words.

When nothing at all is going on, I’m really going to push for 2k words a day.

Better not waste this period when I will be forcibly detached from the internet, after all.