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Speechless @ the airport

Muttering imprecations, the girl stormed into the elevator, shoving a luggage cart ahead of her. A stream of abuse spilled from her lips as she  turned the cart around to face the young man who was walking behind her.

I looked sideways at the young man, curious as to what she was saying. It sounded like Korean, but I wasn’t positive.  Arms folded, he merely glared back at her, pointedly staying outside the elevator doors.

Was that a glint of satisfaction in his eyes as the elevator doors closed on her rising voice and violent hand gesticulations?

I bit back a laugh as I studied his set jaw.


The elevator doors opened again, and to my slight surprise, the girl was still in the elevator. She poked her head out and started shouting at the man. As no one made any move to keep the doors open, the doors slowly slid shut on her, her screaming still audible for a full minute after the elevator went upstairs.

Secretly, I hoped that my father would not find a parking space soon, as I found the entire situation hysterically funny. A laugh bubbled out before I could catch it and I quickly slapped a hand over my mouth, feigning a coughing fit.


The elevator doors slid open again, and she started shrieking from the second there was a crack in the door. Her expression was a study in rage, her hair seemed slightly more mussed than it was before, and she started shaking her fist at him.

He merely raised an eyebrow and looked back impassively.

The doors closed on her again, her cursing muffled for a few seconds before an aggravated scream echoed down the elevator shaft.

The man closed his eyes briefly, his expression somewhat pained. This time, when the elevator doors opened again, he stepped into the elevator and hit the button to close the doors