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Fiscal reflection for 2013 and projections for 2014

So it’s the beginning of December 2013, and I spent a couple of hours staring at my finances. I’m going to quit soon, because honestly, some things just aren’t going to change the more I stare at it, so I might as well quit now.

Currently, I have $18592.76 in credit card debt.

The saving grace is that I also have 45,812.54 in my ROTH IRA.

Goals for next year:

Stay within budget. I might have to resort to writing down, every single day, how much money I have left to spend in my budget on my hand and stare at it every. single. time I want to buy something that isn’t related to the bare necessities of life.

I want to pay off that debt aggressively. I’m currently budgeting $600 a month toward debt repayment. I wanted to do $1k, but that is simply not reasonable if I also wish to fully fund my IRA at the same time.

I’m going to have to scrounge up the money to finance  my self-publishing journey and actually do it next year. My ambition is to have the first novel fully edited and ready for self-publishing in Feb. 2014. The second novel will hopefully be ready by April 2014. Hopefully this will eventually bring in more money rather than simply being a time and money sink.

Find a second job, or three, or four — whatever it takes to bring in the bacon and fry it.

As I’ve said before regarding other things, I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.

It’s time to stop running and face the zombies.

Returning from crazy-land

So evil day job kicked my butt last week.

There was an over-protective father who dragged my agency’s name through the mud in a misguided effort to save his child from being kicked out from the school he currently goes to. There was a suicidal man-child of 18 who is engaging in self-mutilation because he was spoiled silly by his parents and never managed to grow any emotional calluses or developed the ability to handle stress. There were two school officials, who bought the father’s victim story hook line and sinker, who then proceeded to punch me in the face repeatedly albeit figuratively about how much we failed at being the kid’s agents and legal guardians. There is the host family of the kid, who don’t believe the kid is suicidal and who are hounding me to prove the kid is suicidal and is deserving of another chance as a result and also to fix the kid, now now now.

…that’s just the short version. I don’t even know how coherent that paragraph is for someone who didn’t live last week with me. But a long version doesn’t belong on this blog. Perhaps another blog, at another time, at another place.

Today boss-man and boss-lady implied that I might get canned. Despite the outrage, I almost believe that might be the best thing for my writing right now.

Despite all that, I got 3k+ words last week.

This week, I’m going to set the goal at 1k/day again and see how it goes.  Hopefully things will calm down enough (or I’ll get fired) and I can blog a bit about the phoenix books and why I changed it so radically from the original version.

Goals, goals, goals.

I made my goal of 500/day for the last week.

Today is Monday and I’m already behind on my 1k/week goal for this week. As in 1,000 words behind. No matter, the week is young and I have plenty of time to catch up.

Ultimately, to a certain extent, it boils down to time management and choices made. I will be away from home for the next three days, so it’s going to be a bit of a struggle to find the determination to continue my routine in a different place.

I liken it to my goal to lose 50 pounds by this time next year. The calorie counting is tedious and can often be frustrating when I can’t see the results — sort of like writing, where you build step by painful step at times, only to delete it all in a fit of pique because the writing went somehow awry. But you can only continue, even when you cannot see the point of the pain, because the alternative is unthinkable.

So, that 1k/ day. And the 1.3k cal limit per day. And the 30 min of exercise that I should really try to work in despite the evil day job kicking my caboose. And my goal to actually do something with my blog. And the reminder to tweet something useful or interesting or promotional  or anything, really.

If I manage all that, maybe I’ll reward myself with a 800 calorie triple chocolate meltdown this weekend.

I’ll try to post some sort of plan for my blog tomorrow. Or later this week, if we’re being honest.